Published Work

The Many Adventures of Loukas Von Vanderhill

By E. James Young – Illustrations By Cayla Belser

In Archeological Treasures, Loukas Von Vanderhill is a young boy who stands where we have all stood before: The precipice of imagination. When young Loukas breaks several of his parent’s treasures it sparks the only thing it can: an imaginative archeological search through an ancient tomb filled with mummies.

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God Speaks Softly Cover

God Speaks Softly

By Mary Jane Martin – Illustrations By Cayla Belser

From a very young age, Mary Jane knew she would travel far and wide to adopt a child. There was always a little voice inside of her gently reminding her yet patiently waiting for the right time! When her sons, Christopher and Ryan, were young, her family decided (with the gentle nudge of the little voice inside) that it was time. They faithfully prayed for guidance for themselves and safety for the child they were longing to love. They were blessed with their baby girl, Shannon. This is her story!

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